Windows Phone 8.1 Update Arrives on HTC 8X in October

Sep 17, 2014 · update my phone software system to windows 8.1 I am using lumia 625,i had been trying to update my phone software system from windows 8 to windows 8.1 . But all the sites till now i browsed did not help. Oct 16, 2013 · As I've blogged before, I've heard the Windows team will be releasing a Spring 2014 update to Windows 8.1 that will coincide with the release of Windows Phone Blue. (Yes, I am still hearing Apr 19, 2014 · Updating to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview – Step by Step. Follow these simple steps below to get the Windows Phone 8.1 update on your phone via the Preview for Developers Program. If you have any doubt, pay a visit to some of the FAQ’s at the end of this tutorial. You can also feel free to leave a comment in the section at the end of this post. Apr 21, 2016 · The official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8.1 has a new update in the Windows Store. There's no indication of any new features, so it's likely that it contains just bug fixes. Re: HTC 8X Windows Phone 8.1 update @JHector wrote: 8.10.14203.306 is the newest version of 8.1 Update 1, except for 8.10.14219.341 and 8.10.14226.359, which appear to be the 'Denim' updates for Lumia phones.

Windows Phone 8是微软公司2012年6月22日发布的一款手机操作系统,是Windows Phone系统的第三个大型版本。Windows Phone 8采用和Windows 8相同的针对移动平台精简优化的NT内核,并内置诺基亚地图。2016年早些时候,微软曾宣布, Skype应用将不再

Feb 26, 2017 · Update to Windows 8.1 Now. After installing the update and restarting your PC, just one the Windows Store and let it load the latest updates. Once the loading completes, you’ll find the large Update Windows tile. Just tap on it and select select Download to start the download. Note: Windows 8.1 update via the store is around 2.8 GB. So make Apr 14, 2014 · Windows Phone 8.1 could easily be called Windows Phone 8.5 or even 9. This doesn’t feel like a 0.1 update. This feels like a long-term project that Microsoft has been working on, delivering a

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Microsoft May Release New Version of Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Phone fans anxious to receive the latest Update 1 (GDR1) upgrade for their smartphones may want to know that Microsoft is likely to have a newer version of this update available for download soon. Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview adopters who have already upgraded to Update Microsoft Releases Update for Windows Phone 8.1Preview 2014-5-14 · Microsoft is getting even closer to releasing Windows Phone 8.1 to the public. Today the company released an update for it's WP 8.1 developer Preview. WhatsApp Download For Windows 8.1 | WhatsApp