Neither one has glaring drawbacks, but they tend to lack some of the security features and extensions found in browsers like Firefox and Chrome. But performance-wise, both Edge and Safari trounce

Some Silverlight functionalities are blocked in Safari sandbox Oct 20, 2017 Browser Security: IE vs. Safari vs. Firefox Qualitative Score: Firefox gets a D, Safari an F, and IE a D. Security Features: All three browsers offer some rudimentary security controls in the way of being able to allow or disallow broad categories of content, such as Javascript, Java, or ActiveX. But by default, these features are so broad in their “all or nothing” approaches as to

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Here’s how Apple’s browsing privacy features will work in Only in Safari, only with MacOS Mojave or iOS 12. Apple's new features aren't available to every web user, and not even to every Apple user. Apple is making these protections available on Macs

Apple iPhone SE 2020: 4 Security And Privacy Features You

macOS - Security - Apple Built-in privacy features in Safari, like Intelligent Tracking Prevention, help keep your browsing your business. Automatic strong passwords make it easy to create and use unique passwords for all the sites you visit. And iCloud Keychain syncs those passwords securely across all your devices, so you don’t have to remember them. Apple Reveals Touch ID And Face ID Are Coming To Safari